Improving Pathology
Diagnosis and Treatment –
Anywhere, Anytime

Gestalt Enables Best-in-Class Patient Care

Gestalt provides software modules, industry leading connectivity, and support services to empower pathologists, generate objective and reproducible results, increase productivity and efficiency, and significantly reduce the diagnostic error rate for laboratories of all sizes.

Digital Pathology

Digital pathology accelerates the diagnosis and treatment of an illness by improving workflow efficiencies and reducing the time required for research, validation, secondary consults, and tumor board preparations.

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Artificial Intelligence

We optimize and streamline workflows for patient case triage and routing to pathologist specialists based upon AI to identify the most critical cases first. We also utilize algorithms in the development and test phase to replace labor intensive manual cell counting, quantification via computerized image analysis that eliminates operator error and provides more data for the pathologist.

Our team is the highest rated services and support group in the nation. We provide all of your lab’s interfacing, integration and connectivity needs, project management support, and legacy LIS and application support services. We also offer workflow optimization consulting services that have helped customers increase their efficiency by over 30% on a daily basis.

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All of our initiatives are founded in quality. We follow an Agile Process in our product development to provide rapid, high-quality innovation.


Our employees are passionate about delivering solutions that exceed market demand. We are driven to deliver next generation functionality — today.


Our employees are not only smart and experts in their area, they are dedicated to increasing research and innovation.