PathFlow supports pathologists preparing for tumor boards by significantly reducing the amount of manual effort, personnel and time involved. 
Some of the benefits include:

  • Simplify transportation and preparation of slides

  • Reduction in physical steps for a pathologist to review selected cases

  • Pathologist simply highlights areas of interest, adds annotations and if desired – takes snapshots of areas of interest

  • Last minute add-on cases can be facilitated quickly

  • If case is bumped from schedule the preparation work is still available and stored with the case

  • Streamline presentation of cases at meeting

  • Present in a simple web browser reducing technical delays and saving valuable time

  • Pathologist scripts annotations and observations directly into a case on the screen, rather than scratching them on a notepad

  • Improve the quality of pathology contribution to team meeting

  • Immediate access to entire slide (rather than just a snapshot) enabling other clinicians on team to assess case

  • Immediate access to relevant prior cases that may improve diagnostic evaluation.

  • Easy sharing of pathology images with other care team members.