The incorporation of digital pathology can reduce the necessity of a pathologist to read slides through a physical microscope, thus eliminating geographical barriers. This advancement in technology literally puts the world of healthcare at your fingertips. You now have access to pathologists anytime, anywhere and in every specialty.


  • Quickly provide high quality diagnosis and treatment recommendations by reducing the time it takes to receive specialized secondary consults whether they are from within the pathologists practice or from an external expert. 

  • You can also reduce the expense, time and risk of transporting slides from one location to another. If additional stains are required or ordered, then the new digital image can be shared as soon as it is plated.


  • Attract top talent and reduce expenses by enabling pathologists to review cases from any certified diagnostic workstation, reducing their travel time and providing improved work/life balance.


  • You can now add testing intake and consultations to your service – or expand your volume if you already do this – by having access to pathologists around the state, country, globe. Having remote pathologists who can supplement your on staff ones will increase your ability to take on extra work at a fraction of the expense. With our PathFlow solution, you don’t have to worry about additional licenses, physical location or even time zones. Pathologists can work on their time, from their location – all through our secure cloud-based solutions.

  • Pathology practices can now provide their consultation services to international pathology laboratories in need of skilled pathology consults. 80% of pathologists are located in the USA, and Asia and other regions of the world have a shortage of pathologists. This increased case volume generates additional revenue, by enabling workload leveling for under-utilized pathologists. Professional practices can build their own international partnership, or utilize one of Gestalt’s established partners.


  • Pathologists who are contracted to review cases from multiple pathology labs are often using different laboratory information systems (LIS) which may be geographically, and technically, quite distant from one another. In addition to having their own LIS each lab will typically have its own slide distribution process, and specific clinical documentation tool. In many cases the pathologist will need to be physically located at the lab to provide the diagnostic service. This diversity of tools, and complexity of processes and locations result in pathologists spending significant time managing the various pathology case workflows they function in as well as considerable travel time for on-site reads. Gestalt’s PathFlow solution provides a pathologist-centric workflow aggregator that enables case review, case management, and electronic reporting for multiple facilities while providing consistent clinical data about the patient.