Gestalt Solutions Provide the Platform to

Empower pathologists – Generate objective results – Increase productivity and efficiency – Improve patient safety 

Physician Portal

Securely and easily access patient reports with up-to-the-moment online viewing, searching, and printing capabilities and instant email notifications when new results are available. Learn more ....

Ascent – Cloud-based LIS

Our LIS solution is cloud hosted, web-based, and centrally managed, with an intuitive, easy-to-use experience that provides a secure, compliant, fast solution for your lab staff. 

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Cloud Faxing

Our safe, secure solution allows virtualization of your distribution server, saving you on the cost of faxing boards or phone lines that produce black and white, poor quality results.

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Our laboratory solutions include:

Digital Pathology Platform

Digital pathology is necessary to incorporate image analysis and artificial intelligence to speed diagnosis and treatment for patients while increasing laboratory efficiency by 30% with higher accuracy and real-time collaboration with specialists anytime and anywhere. Labs also significantly reduce their storage, shipping and courier fees.

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