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Companies Developing Pathology AI

Written by David Hoak, MD

Pathology companies that are developing artificial intelligence algorithms on whole slide images from patient biopsies are popping up everywhere and all the time.  These companies state that they want to improve healthcare by improving pathology diagnoses.  Since the number of pathologists throughout the world is insufficient and the number of pathology biopsies and resections is increasing, Artificial Intelligence is one way to automate the tedious and boring aspects of pathology to free up pathologists’ time for more difficult interpretations.  The companies claim that AI will improve the detection of disease and the standardization of tumor grading.  These companies range from well-funded startups to giant internet companies, such as Google and Baidu.  There are over 30 companies around the world that profess to be performing artificial intelligence on digital pathology.  Almost half of these companies are in the USA and Canada, Twenty-three percent are in Europe (UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden Norway and Finland).  Nineteen percent are in Asia (Korea, India, China, Taiwan) and ten percent are in Israel.

I admit that I am fascinated by this sudden development.  I intend to profile many of these companies in my blog.  Some companies will be winners.  Some will be acquired by much larger companies like Philips, Leica, and Roche who want to complete their portfolio of pathology products, as well as, participate in this potentially game changing area of diagnostics.

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