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CDC Announces Additions to ICD-10-CM Codes

The CDC has announced changes which include additions to the ICD-10-CM codes which went into effect on the first of the year. These new codes will make monitoring and tracking Covid-19 cases and associated conditions or conditions resulting from COVID-19 easier. The need to collect and monitor more data about the virus was the driving factor for these changes.

The new codes from the CDC are as follows:

  • Encounter for screening for COVID-19 (Z11.52)

  • Contact with and (suspected) exposure to COVID-19 (Z20.822)

  • Personal history of COVID-19 (Z86.16)

  • Multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS) (M35.81)

  • Other specified systemic involvement of connective tissue (M35.89)

  • Pneumonia due to coronavirus disease 2019 (J12.82)

Full details regarding the new codes and the final code titles have not yet been published but are planned in the near-term.

Interim coding guidance can be found here:

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