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There is great diversity in the quantity and quality of information utilized in pathology cases. Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) only provide a portion of the total which must be managed and made accessible. Laboratories need a platform that sits above their LIS or electronic health record (EHR) to efficiently manage, or conduct, all the data flows, regardless of which software it originates in or which software it needs to flow to. Gestalt Pathflow and workstation cockpit enables pathologists the ultimate insight and control of their daily work load.


  • Handles data coming from any compliant LIS and can report out to any compliant system including EHR’s.
  • Functionality to fit independent labs as wells as large integrated delivery networks (IDN’s).
  • Universal viewer allows images from different scanners to be viewed in a single viewer.
  • Fast file transfer capability that means very large pathology image files (500MB+) can be transferred from great distances at incredible speed. A 500MB file from Delhi, India can be transferred securely to the United States in just 8 minutes compared to the non-Gestalt common file transfer protocols rate of more than 8 hours.


  • Gestalt hosts our applications in a secure cloud environment. This arrangement places the hosting equipment and software support on Gestalt and relieves your organization of this responsibility.
  • Our helpdesk is staffed twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.
  • The Gestalt PathFlow solution includes configurable caching of your slide images for 30, 90, or 180 days for all new cases entering the system.
  • We can also enable global long term archiving of images based on specialty, diagnosis, or on a case by case basis, for future retrieval and research purposes.
  • Converting your patient cases to digital allows your business to grow intellectual biobanking data that can be used for data mining and research.


  • View diverse file formats without loading proprietary viewers. One viewer!
  • Our digital viewer can display images produced from a variety of different image file formats utilized by different digital pathology scanners. This includes images produced on Hamamatsu, Leica, OptraScan, Motic and others.
  • Our goal is to include updates for new image file formats and scanners to ensure your ability to display and read any image from any scanner.
  • We invite you to contact us regarding your particular Whole SlideImaging (WSI) scanner image format specifications.


  • Unlimited construction of routing rules. Route all gastric cases from your hospital to Dr. Smith, no problem!
  • Need to re-route an entire days work for Dr. Smith who has called in sick. Simply, drag and drop his cases to other pathologists in seconds.
  • The Gestalt PathFlow platform enables highly configurable rules to route exams to appropriate sub-specialized pathologists automatically. Cases automatically populate digital worklists with all available patient information readily available to the reading pathologist.
  • Cases age and turn color based on service level agreements with referring entities.
  • Distribution of dictated reports are handled automatically via rules in place for referring providers.


  • Dictate and distribute reports without transcription! Go to final reports immediately and improve case turn-around-time (“TAT”)!
  • Gestalt PathFlow integrates reporting & voice recognition software as a complete clinical reporting solution. This solution enables pathologists to utilize natural language processing to create their diagnostic reports which are then sent back to which ever (LIS) originated the case. Gestalt can also provide remote transcription services.


Go ahead, ask. How is my personal performance? How am I performing for my largest client? For my largest insurer? For my patients? Have I finished all assigned work for the day?

  • All case work processed by Gestalt PathFlow is tracked and reportable. Service level agreements (SLA’s) with referring hospitals or clinicians can be configured by client so that each agreement is monitored and status is updated based on their specific agreement.
  • Feedback and tracking of technical errors such as a poor scan quality, image artifacts, misaligned tissue scan or other problems can be tracked and reported for improvement opportunities.
  • Daily, weekly or monthly turn-around-times (TAT) for each physician can be displayed in real time and reported, individually or enterprise wide.