Use of digital pathology can reduce the necessity of a pathologist to read a slide through a physical microscope, improve diagnostic capabilities with access to the full patient information from the Pathologist Cockpit and streamline your workflow allowing you, the pathologist, to focus on what is meaningful to you. This eliminates the need to navigate technology and information that is irrelevant to your workflow.


Digitization of pathology tissue slides enables rapid assessment of tissue biopsies by the pathologist regardless of location. This provides the ability for you to consult instantly with colleagues on the same images and get their responses in real-time without the need to package, transport, track glass and wait for their response.

The Pathologist Cockpit puts all of the relevant information for your workflow at your fingertips: case information, clinical history, any historical case or patient information (including any prior digital images), and the digital slides. You can now quickly identify areas of interest, annotate, add markers, counts, measurements and capture any of that information to include in your final report along with your diagnosis. Then simply move on to your next case.


During your workflow, you are able to select cases and areas of interest to use in tumor boards, education or training. Quickly and professionally assemble the relevant cases for presentations to your peers or colleagues. Request additional views or stains on your cases without having to transport glass back and forth for new views or additional reads.

Use our pre-defined algorithms for quickly identifying areas of interest on breast cases. Easily navigate the image at multiple magnifications with the slide indicator right on the screen and use our image navigator to see the areas you have already covered while being at a high magnification – all within your dedicated cockpit.