We offer our solutions as a Software as a Service (SAAS) model so that your cost of use adjusts with your volume. The more you expand your reach with digital, the more revenue-producing opportunities you offer your facility without the risk of acquiring a solution with a capital expense. Our usage fees are also on a sliding scale so the more you use, the less you pay per case.


Digital pathology opens the door for incremental business with telepathology through secondary consults, expanded reach into remote areas, the ability to source (and route cases) based upon available resources, regardless of location, and the reduction of the expense of second reads. We all know the expense of read twice, get reimbursed once.


We offer both short- and long-term image storage at a fraction of the cost of most storage vendors and other digital pathology providers on the market. All of our images are converted to DICOM standards and are securely stored. Our storage fees are also based upon a SAAS model – you only pay for the storage you use each month.

At Gestalt Diagnostics, we believe the key to unlocking the future of diagnostics begins with having an enterprise-level electronic workflow management system that provides digital capabilities across the enterprise where physical facilities, working location, case type are no longer barriers to adoption.