A Gestalt core competency! Our roots are in integrated systems and solutions. Our engineers have completed hundreds of interfaces to both hardware and software. Whether within the walls of your physical enterprise or your virtual network, our integration services team can connect all your integration-capable software solutions.​


  • EMR

  • HIS

  • LIS

  • EHR

  • Scanners

  • Voice recognition

  • Schedulers

  • Slide stainers

  • Slide barcode labelers

  • Reporting

  • State and regulatory body interfaces

  • Specimen tracking modules

  • + more!


  • Laboratories

  • Clinics

  • Hospitals

  • Physician offices

  • Integrated health networks

  • Imaging centers

  • + more!


Our Knowledge is Deep – So Yours Doesn’t Have to Be

Knowing how to use digital technologies is essential. That’s why our focus is on teaching and coaching others to be successful users. Our specialists have assisted hundreds of physicians and technicians in using digital workflow platforms, digital viewers, and voice recognition software.

Our training services – both onsite and remote – are clearly defined at the start of any project so that you and your users get all the information, knowledge, and hands-on experience needed to be successful. We employ a train-the-trainer technique so that you will have ‘master users’ who can assist any new or transitioning employees – avoiding the need to involve us constantly. We also offer refresher and more in-depth expert user level courses and can offer training to any new ‘master users’ or other employees. Our goal is for you to be self-sufficient in the use of our solutions.