COVID-19 Applications and Services



COVID App and Admin Module

Our new Admin Module and downloadable App provide entities (schools, employers, hospitals and physician offices) with the ability to provide pre-screening questions, remote temperature access, push notifications for potential and confirmed exposures, etc.  

This app is for COVID-19 and many other business uses for active communication with staff, patients, students (Shelter in place, contact us now, self-quarantine, etc.)

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COVID Platform

Quickly and Easily Onboard and Support New Clients 

Eliminate the heavy burden of patient accessioning, new client onboarding, and test result distribution.  

This intuitive platform provides easy admin access for new customers such as employers, schools, municipalities and allows them to self-service for items such as custom reports, statistics, status updates, adding and deleting new individuals and much more.

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Reporting & Interfaces

Reporting Interfaces for State, CDC, & Others to Include Report Formatting and Development - Individual and Pooled Testing

We provide a cloud-based interface engine for automated reporting to multiple entities.  We have the ability to connect to all 50 states as well as local jurisdictions.  Our services include report formatting and development - we support both individual and pooled testing.

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