Ascent Cloud-based LIS

The 21st century laboratory information system solution

  • Cloud-hosted and centrally managed

  • Unified solution with all clients kept up-to-date and in-sync automatically – no version headaches

  • Web-based, standards-compliant

  • Integrated access/password control via the lab’s own user management system

  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant, complete change history/audit trail. By complete, we mean COMPLETE


The Ascent Experience:

  • Clean, simple, keyboard-friendly data entry

  • Barcode-driven, fast, responsive

  • Macros and shortcuts to speed processing

  • Flexible orders and worklists support diverse lab practices

  • Basic customizations are easy; miracles just take a little longer

  • Beautiful, informative, clinician-driven reporting structure


Extending Ascent

  • Interface-ready/APIs

  • Partnership with nVoq/SayIt for voice dictation


The Peak relationship

  • Personalized, attentive service

  • Dedicated to pathology

  • Breadth of experience in academic and commercial settings